Selected Roles. All Roles Principal.


House of Cards (Netflix, Season 3)
Veep (HBO, Season 4)
Saving Corporate America

Director of Production (Co-Star)
Bitchy Woman (Co-Star)
Plaintiff's Attorney (Co-Star)
Gloria (Co-Star)

Knight Takes King Prods.
Second in Command Prods.
Fox Television Studios
Integral Arts Prods.


Dr. Milner (Supporting)
Karen (Supporting)
Nina Collins (Supporting)
Caroline (Supporting)
Woman (Supporting)
Blue (Supporting)
Ella (Lead)
Radio Announcer (Supporting)
Angie (Supporting)
Eve Pagoda (Supporting)
Samantha (Lead)
Victoria Kendrick (Lead)
Rhonda (Lead)
Alicia Walker (Supporting)
Karen Stanhope (Supporting)
Rosie Adams (Supporting)
Beth Donahue (Supporting)
Patty (Lead)
Josie Follensby (Lead)
Goddess of Lost Luggage (Lead)

Lifetime Movie Channel
Lifetime Channel
Hallmark Channel
Stone Park Productions
21st Street Films
Summit Prods.
AVA Independent
Ningen Manga Prods.
Tohubohu Prods.
Integral Arts Prods.
Sapling Pictures
Integral Arts Prods.
Big House Digital
Hi-Concept Films
Emerging Artist Prods.
Integral Arts Prods.
Omicron World Ent.
Integral Arts Prods.
Ningen Manga Prods.
A Joe's Life Prods.



On-Camera Narrator and Principal Roles: USCBP, IRS, TSA, DEA/DOJ, FBI, NASA, USPS, Coast Guard, Marines, Pentagon & Capitol Police, Datatel Software, ERS Pharmaceutical, ExxonMobil, Sylvan Learning Center, CPMS, Appian, Enerbank, NuSkin, Seacret, OC Tanner, LHM Mercedes, Melaleuca, Ace Hardware, Overstock, and more.


BFA, Theater
Theater Major
Improv/Sketch Comedy

Columbia, MO
Washington, DC
Los Angeles, CA

Years of additional post-graduate training in audition technique, scene study, commercial and voice-over acting with Boise Contemporary Theatre, Tom Todoroff, Matthew Harrison/Actors Foundry, Julie-Anne Liechty/Actors in Action, Kathy Griffin, Mike McDonald, Amy Lyndon, Brian Reise Acting Studios, Tepper-Gallegos, Susan Blu Studios, Tony Barr, Anne Sward, and Elaine Clark Voice One, among others.


JD Georgetown University Law Center (cum laude), teleprompter, precision driving, stand in, passport ready, NRA certified basic firearms, commercial print & hand modeling, horseback riding, speak Gibberish, competitive air guitar and Galaga.